who are we
Ekobalayi.co since 2015. Turkey's and the world's hotel and tour services offered at many points with a growing tour operator.

Our agency located all over Turkey, 0537 048 98 00. WhatsApp contact with our office and our www.ekobalayi.co internet site can easily buy your holiday 7/24. With Gezinomi Tourism, where you can buy all kinds of services you can think of for domestic and international tours, hotel accommodation, Cyprus hotels, car rental, flight tickets, transfers and holidays, you will say "if every day is a holiday".

about us
EkoBalayi continues to grow rapidly since its establishment. It offers personalized holiday plans with attractive prices and easy payment options, and plans the holiday you dream of. EkoBalayi is the address where you can reach every detail you want in terms of the variety of tour packages, the most comfortable hotels and the travel offering 24/7 service.

Blog.gezinomi.com, which offers you the towns that you can call a corner of heaven for vacation, the most beautiful countries, cities and even tastes of the world, thinks every detail for you and responds to your curiosity. Strong ekobala of a tour operator who, with Turkey growing and best quality with many agencies in general, is a tour operator which aims to offer the most affordable price.

our vision
EkoBalayi, aiming at 100% customer satisfaction, offering the best quality service in the fastest way and with the most suitable options, is always with you 24/7 to plan your special holiday.

Our Mission
EkoBalayi, who has adopted the philosophy of continuous development in individual and corporate terms, aims to maintain strong family integrity with its employees who want to offer the best to its customers.


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